In the South West of Scotland there is a small town called Dumfries. It was there I was born in 1964. I was probably quiet. As of that point, everything around me changed, suddenly. I´ll spare you the details.

Going to school, I learned to write and a little German. Afterwards I hopped around Europe for a few years. At some point, I went to university in Germany, I even finished it and got my degree. Then followed 20 years in IT in Hamburg, Germany.

A couple of years ago, having had enough of my profession, I started to write seriously. “Ursächlich”, my first piece, is the result. The translation of “Ursächlich” into English is done! The title in English is “It happened in the mountains” and it is on the market.  My second novel is also on its way, its working title is “In The Midst” however I am currently writing more poems and short stories.

I live and work in Oelixdorf in the North of Germany.